Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Democratic China and US will be Real Friends

Prof Nathan and some Americans think that China has a weak and corrupted gov who have stupid policies, betrayed Chinese people, sold out the country to foreigners is a good thing to US, but it is not good to US in the long run. China's gov will destroy the global surroundings, will support the extreme nationalists and build a strong dictatorship like Hitler. China will continue to do harm on human rights, which will result in the disasters of Economy and nature. If the disasters really happen, it will hurt US benefits too. In the US part, it is not right for the gov borrow and spend so much, which disobeys the free market and small government principle and will hurt people's freedom, independence, etc. If the Americans think that cheaper labors and cheaper resources that china used to produce goods for US is a good thing, then they are not kind enough to think about the human dignity of Chinese workers and the future of China( big enough to influence the future of the world). If the Americans do not really care about Chinese workers' human rights, and Chinese future, instead, they just say it,or use it as a negotiation tool to get a few short-term benefit, they have been used by the shallow- minded, short-eyesight politicians, I do not think American people have a real democracy and have true freedom.

There are other profs and people in US government do hope China will be democratized. A democratic China will bring about peace, creativity, more civilization as it did in ancient time; and a big, more open,more regulated market. There are no wars between democratic countries.When they have conflicts, they sit down and talk and get to a mutual benefit. US and the Democratic China will be friends forever.

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