Sunday, October 21, 2012

A letter to U.S.Presidential Candidates before their third debate

Dear President Obama and Governor Romney,

 I am a Ph.D. student at Columbia University in New York and I am from China. I am also a blogger and write political reviews there. I wrote a review of your first debate, translated your second debate into Chinese, and posted them on my blog at a popular political forum in China. Thousands of people have read my blog and my posts. Heated discussions have been stirred along with other blogger’s posts.

 Your debates have inspired our people and helped us understand how democracy works. Most people on the forum are intelligent and long for democracy. Although we are not US citizens, we admire the United States and its people very much.

We noticed that China have been mentioned about 20 times in your last debate. We have seen that trade with China has become a very important issue for the American economy. People from our forum have discussed this topic a lot too. We will welcome it if you would mention that trade issues with China are not just purely economic but also involve human rights issues, because so many Chinese workers are being paid so low and have to work under harsh conditions to make very cheap products. These cheap goods are hurting not just American workers but Chinese workers as well.

 Although we cannot vote for you, we heartily feel that if you mention this issue in your third debate you will win the hearts and minds of many American voters. We believe that increasing the Chinese currency value is important, but Americans should also urge the Chinese government to increase Chinese workers’ wages and protect their working conditions and social welfare. We believe that you will gain both moral and economic standing from adopting this position.

Morally, Americans care about human rights all over the world. American pressure has been effective to improve human rights in China. Chinese workers who labor under inhuman working conditions need this attention from you. People all over the world will be proud of you if you mention this issue in the debate.

 In terms of the economic issues, urging that Chinese workers be paid higher wages and get better working conditions will allow for fairer trade of Chinese products with those made in America. Also, once Chinese workers’ wages increase, these workers, mostly young people, will consume more, especially American products, such as the I-phone, I-pad, I-pod or American clothes, bags, perfume, etc., because young people love them. They will send money back home to their villages and their family’s income level will increase, allowing them also to raise consumption. Many villages will become cities and China will need more urban engineers, new materials, and energy efficient technology from outside. The end result will be a boom in U.S. Job creation and exports to China. American businesses will profit from the new opportunities.

We do not think that the Chinese government should oppose improved working conditions for their workers. In the debate you can tell both American voters and the Chinese government that everyone gains from such a policy. Increased domestic consumption is sorely needed at this time for the Chinese economy to keep growing. China cannot base its future economy on cheap labor, it needs to promote innovation and develop high-technology industries. The Chinese government realizes this and should support improving working conditions for its workers. We believe this is the only way for a rising China to find its place in tomorrow’s world.

 We care about China and we admire America. We believe a democratic China will be the best friend to America. Eliminating sweatshops, raising wages and improving working conditions in China will benefit both China and America. If you mention it in your debate, we believe you will gain a lot of good will among voters.

We are eagerly anticipating your third debate. We wish you good luck. Sincerely, Helena Wind

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Democratic China and US will be Real Friends

Prof Nathan and some Americans think that China has a weak and corrupted gov who have stupid policies, betrayed Chinese people, sold out the country to foreigners is a good thing to US, but it is not good to US in the long run. China's gov will destroy the global surroundings, will support the extreme nationalists and build a strong dictatorship like Hitler. China will continue to do harm on human rights, which will result in the disasters of Economy and nature. If the disasters really happen, it will hurt US benefits too. In the US part, it is not right for the gov borrow and spend so much, which disobeys the free market and small government principle and will hurt people's freedom, independence, etc. If the Americans think that cheaper labors and cheaper resources that china used to produce goods for US is a good thing, then they are not kind enough to think about the human dignity of Chinese workers and the future of China( big enough to influence the future of the world). If the Americans do not really care about Chinese workers' human rights, and Chinese future, instead, they just say it,or use it as a negotiation tool to get a few short-term benefit, they have been used by the shallow- minded, short-eyesight politicians, I do not think American people have a real democracy and have true freedom.

There are other profs and people in US government do hope China will be democratized. A democratic China will bring about peace, creativity, more civilization as it did in ancient time; and a big, more open,more regulated market. There are no wars between democratic countries.When they have conflicts, they sit down and talk and get to a mutual benefit. US and the Democratic China will be friends forever.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

On the Top of the Mountain

Once upon a time, there was a lady prophet, sitting and meditating on the top of a mountain. Here are the messages she received from the heart of the universe and she wants to share with people of the world.
1. The truly wise people is people who can see through the surface of any people, of any thing, reaching the nature of mankind, and the essence of the world; and then who will know the truly important part of life, beyond this colorful,delusive and luxury surface, living in a peaceful, meaningful and happy life.
This kind of people does not need to read many books from history about these, he does not need to be a knowledgeable and intellectual person, but he feels them with his own honest, pure and simple heart.
Everything is originated from the heart of the universe. Everything begins with the simplest but the most complete way—the zero. Therefore, the truth or the wisdom of the universe is pure and simple, only a heart of pure and simple (like the hearts of children, are the closet to the origin --the heart of the universe), can feel it.

2. Our mind can be very powerful. It will produce positive energy to overcome any difficulties, diseases and any pains of our body and our life; It can make big changes in our life. Because our mind can use these power/energy we have given when we were born, but we have neglected this power during our growth by other small and not important things. We have to dig out our potentials---the power of our mind. Our mind is unlimited as the universe itself; the boundary of our mind is always beyond the discovery of science; we have to use our heart to imagine, explore, explain and apply it to make our life big differences and to achieve any of our life’s goals.
So looking at our life and ourselves in a very positive attitude is a very powerful energy. The positive energy/power are happy, peaceful, self-confident, tolerable, thankful, understanding, forgivable, caring, and love, etc. The positive energy/power will bring together your own positive power and will absorb/combine with other people’s positive power to you too, which will delete the negative power around you from other people, and will enhance our own positive power.
Anger, sorrow, hate, regret, worry, depressed, etc, those are very negative power/energy; they will cut back the positive power/energy of our life.

3. Live in this moment! So I can say that I will not afraid die at next moment! Because I have no regrets for any moments of my life; because I have lived a life with a complete heart to people I love, I care, to my child; I have devoted to my work, to my mission and to this world. So live in this moment! Enjoy this moment; appreciate the view that the nature has at this moment and people who come to your life at this moment! Love with your whole heart, no matter what you will get back!
I look at death here, not in a pessimistic attitude. Life is a ceaseless circle of the universe. There is no beginning and no end. Death not an end. It is just another style of life. In this life we are human beings, in next life, we could be human beings again, or we could be other creatures, such as a flower blooming in the spring, a tall tree stretching into the sky; a little deer drawing water from the stream of a hill…even we could be a drop of water, a piece of cloud, or a handful of earth…How nice it is that we can have other experiences of life.

Only a heart with love can feel these inspirations. So, thank you!

Monday, December 14, 2009






他有这样的认识,一方面是因为他大小也算是官僚阶层一员(虽然以他的能力,不应该只是一个副处),放弃他那个阶层和那一点即得利益是不容易的。另一方面,源于他在经历了人生若干磨难后,以党员干部之身,皈依了佛门(当然,这些都是隐秘的,不能让组织知道),于是他似乎开悟了。他从此看轻了一切灾难痛苦的根源 ——都在于他自己。于是他把一切家庭、生活、工作的不幸都认为是自己的错!他还认为体制没有好坏,人一切不幸的根源都在于人自己,在于人性的弱点。








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60年前的承諾(2009-12-11 06:00:53)
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60年前,我们共和国的缔造者在進行人民解放戰爭的辉煌篇章时,就签署了一张每一个人都能继承的期票。这张期票向所有人承诺———每人都享有天赋的生存权、自由权和追求幸福权。 这一庄严的承诺犹如灯塔的光芒,给千百万在那摧残生命的戰爭之火中受煎熬的人带来希望。













---馬丁 路德 金 我侑一個夢想



自由中国颂 Ode to a Free China



这是来自生命深处地呼唤:炎黄的后代,华夏的英雄, 在这个重要的历史转折关头,让我们勇敢地承担起我们的使命和责任吧!


我曾经 为了给你一个美好的未来而奋斗!

When one day, our children ask us:”
What have you done for Chinese people,
when they were in that special and urgent time?”
We can answer them proudly like this:”
I have fought for the freedom of our people!
I have fought for you to have a better future!
I have been exiled and roamed everywhere,
for you to have a beautiful and peaceful home.
I have shouted to the heavens,
I have cried with tears that flood my eyes,
for you to have sunshine on your face,
for you to have smiles like flowers forever!
I have bled, wounded and sacrificed my life,
for you will never have to bleed, wound and sacrifice”